Reason of My Arctic Silence: Brain Stroke!

Dear friends,
Maybe you aren’t aware, I had at work in March 2018 a Cerebrovascular Accident with important cognitive consequences.
With all my regrets, I am totally unable since this brain stroke to cover on my Arctic05 website any Polar news and events, nor being able to share with you my Arctic passion.
In 2018 around 18.000 Belgians have been victims of this serious illness. In France, 150.000 have been impacted last year by such dangerous desease. Sadly enough, such accident can strike on anyone.
It will grow more and more in the coming years. The reasons often mentioned are burn out, stress, pollution, bad food, smoking, drugs, … and being let’s say unlucky.
In all cases, such dramatic disease must be treated as fast as possible in a dedicated hospital. 
I am seriously concerned this illness which will impact 1 person out of 6 isn’t already considered by several insurances as a serious disease.
I did ask a friend to help me to write with me this text.
I hope dear friends I will still be able to share with you soon again my passion for the Poles and cover your different Arctic projects.
Let’s remain positive even though such circumstances can disrupt a family context. 
Behind clouds, there are always a thousand suns”  is even more my daily leitmotif.
Have all a wonderful Year.
Patrick Reader – 
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