Promueve tu Proyecto!

Dear friends, dear visitors,

I know how demanding it is to coordinate a polar & educational project/adventure and how complex and difficult it is to find sponsors or partners which will help you with material or/& financially!

If you wish I am ready to put forward your polar expedition/project on Arctic05 French and English Home Page. This promotion will be done through an interview where one will understand more about the content of your project by reading your answers to my questions, by viewing your project pictures, logo and website.

We have a saying “the effect of many small ones make a big one“: I believe this small opportunity may “boost” and bring more visibility to your initiative…

Patrick Reader Svalbard

Please find here after examples of polar exclusives interviews already written. This will give you a first taste on how your project/expedition will appear on Arctic05:

– Interview with Polar explorer Dixie Dansercoer – read here >>

– Interview with Polar explorer Sebastien Roubinet – read here >> 

You may read other interviews under the category Polar News & Interviews >>

In exchange, I will just ask you to post on your website the logo/banner of “Arctic 4 Ever” and the link to its Facebook Fan Page in order to create all together on the “worldwide web” “the chain of Polar Nature respect, our passion for those regions and our duty to consider the Arctic as one of the most important issue of this decade to save”.

18_Otarie bis

Please don’t hesiate to contact me via or to call me directly at +32 (0)475.967.515.

Dreams, commitment, work and passion brings one to many achievements.

All the very best to achieve your goals.

Dream – travel and share the endless universe of Arctic05

Take care of our environment

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