A new concept from Hong Kong “Inspire Me With”…Patrick Reader!

You will love this new project coming from Hong Kong, China!

“Inspire Me With”  is a web project  launched in 3 languages (French, English & Chinese) by Sasha O and Nathalie Briand-Hickling.  “Inspire Me With”  invite artists, photographers, writers and people who do interesting things to share with us their own dreams, experience of life, feelings, new ideas, how they see our society,… In brief, make us dream and get inspired to achieve new goals…!

Arctic adventurer, reporter and photographer Patrick Reader (picture here below) is invited by Sasha O for an exclusive interview on  “Inspire Me With” – click here>>   



“… The “Adventurer cocktail” is made of 4 elements: – Have dreams and projects with the drive and belief they will succeed – Have passion, humility and inspiration – Have enough drive to be able to work a lot, get over the hurdles and challenges, and feel that your dream is slowly but surely coming true – Share the process, lessons learned and your experience with family, colleagues, friends, strangers, children…  

In brief, fun and joy will for sure be knocking at your door if you drink this “Adventurer cocktail”Read here more about Patrick Reader’s interview on “Inspire Me With”>> “.

Skipper  and Polar explorer Cameron Dueck has been also interviewed by “Inspire Me With” – read the interview here >> 

This post is also available in: Francés, Chino simplificado, Inglés