New Pictures of the Arctic Pack Ice & Polar Bears by Wildlife Photographer Patrick Reader!

View here below pictures of the Arctic ocean pack ice as it was North of Svalbard – Spitsbergen on August 25, 2016 !

Banquise, Pack ice, Arctique, Arctic05, Patrick Reader Wildlife Photographer, iceberg, glace, drifting ice, climate change, Svalbard, North Pole

The Arctic pack ice is becoming thinner and nonexistent! 

Ours polaire, Arctic Ocean, banquise, Arctic05, Patrick Reader Wildlife Photography, Svalbard, Spistbergen, Polar bear, climate change, fonte des glaces

Under the midnight sun, a white bear is taking a stroll on the thin Arctic sea ice!

Glaucous gull, goéland bourgmestre, Patrick Reader Wildlife Photographer, banquise, pack ice, Arctic ocean, Arctic05, birds, oiseaux, océan arctique, Svalbard, Spitsbergen, glace

An elegant glaucous gull flying above the ice floes! 

Polar bear, ours blanc, Patrick Reader Wildlife Photography, Svalbard, pack ice, banquise, images ours, spitsbergen, climate change

The King of the Arctic in a “face to face” and always curious to know who are those willing to enter his icy Kingdom!


Like you and me, Polar bears are direct victims of the effects of climate change. They are deeply suffering from the fast melting of the Arctic pack-ice, their hunting ground! Soon, the vulnerable area of North Pole will be open water!

Maybe, you don’t give a “damn” about all this because for you, the Far North seems “bloody” far away from your daily concerns and problems to solve…

But, do you know why the Arctic pack-ice is so vital for each one of us (where ever you are located: China, Australia, US, Pakistan, Philippines, Canada, Africa, Scotland, Ukraine, Costa Rica…) and in particular our grand-children…?

In fact, the Arctic pack-ice is our climate regulator, the ice reflects much of the sun’s heat back into space and keeps our whole planet cool, stabilising the weather systems that we depend on. Protecting the ice means protecting us all… read more >>




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