Let’s goooo sea, surf and fun on Bear island…hihaaaa!

Hihaaaaa! Time today for some real fun & extreme action on Bear Island (Bjørnøya) !  Located in the middle of nowhere in the Barents sea, this small island is at the southern end of the Arctic Norwegian Svalbard archipelago.

“Bear island, chasing the dream” film looks adventurous & pretty fun!  The three Wegge brothers went to feel and explore the icy island and its cold waters. Action was all overall the place: climbing, surfing, snowboarding, kiting, swimming, speed riding… Be readyyyy folks, coming out in 2014!  View here below their whouahhh video teaser!



And in 20 years time, will Bear island be the new hype surfing paradise place to go to, a new Biarritz or a new Cloud 9… :-)How will our friends the Puffins who are living there feel as they are searching just for tranquillity?



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