Beautiful Polar bears paintings in Middelburg Netherlands by Jacqueline Pruijsers – de Bruin!

A wonderful painting exhibition is being held till end October, 2016 in the picturesque city of Middelburg at “‘t Gasthuis“!

Certainly worth a visit to view the Polar bears paintings of Dutch International Artist Jacqueline Pruijsers – de Bruin (see below picture). You may be lucky to meet this friendly Lady!

Other paintings with lions, horses, …. are exposed by other local Artists.

It’s also a great opportunity to visit the so called Zeeland region with its typical villages as Veere,… and why not do some surfing on the long beach of Domburg or do some sailing on the Veerse Meer 

Enjoyyyy all the way!

Jacqueline-Pruijsers-de-Bruin-Arctic05, polar-bear-t-Gasthuis-Middelburg-Zeeland-schilderij-painting-of-ice-bear-arctic05-svalbard-Holland-baby-bear-Arctic-animals- picture

Arctic bear painting by Jacqueline Pruijsers – de Bruin


Address of ‘t Gasthuis – Middelburg – Netherlands:

Noordpoortplein 2, 4331 RN Middelburg, Netherlands
Phone number: +31 88 887 1100


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