Video: The Arctic is turning Green and becoming similar to Ireland, Scotland, Faroe…?

NASA released in June 2016 research findings that some Arctic areas of North America turned greener from 1984 to 2012.  NASA indicates: “… From 1984–2012, extensive greening has occurred in the tundra of Western Alaska, the northern coast of Canada, and the tundra of Quebec and Labrador… (see below NASA’ Map) “.  “… In a changing climate, almost a third of the land cover – much of it Arctic tundra – is looking more like landscapes found in warmer ecosystems…“.

NASA scientists used almost 30 years of data from the NASA/U.S. Geological Survey Landsat satellites to track changes in vegetation in Alaska and Canada. Of the more than 4 million square miles, 30 percent had increases in vegetation (greening) while only 3 percent had decreases (browning). 

NASA, NASA Studies Details of a Greening Arctic, Goddard Space Flight Center, Cindy Starr, Tundra, Quebec, Labrador, Canada, Alaska Credits: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center/Cindy Starr


Now, a scientific study published on June 27, 2016  in Nature Climate Change backs up the crazy green images and confirms the trend is due to humans. The authors of the study say it is the “… first clear evidence of a discernible human fingerprint on physiological vegetation  +  where greenhouse gases play a dominant rolecoming from humans…”.



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