Arctic States Symposium at the University of Virginia School of Architecture!

ARCTIC STATES, a three-day symposium held between April 17-19, 2015 at the US University of  Virginia School of Architecture, brings together an international consortium of leading designers and colleagues from allied disciplines to posit the role of design in the rapidly transforming Arctic region, and generate critical discussions by sharing recent work that will trace, critique and speculate on its past, present, and future…


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“… The Arctic Design Group (ADG) was launched in 2013 at the University of Virginia School of Architecture as a multi-disciplinary platform for Arctic-focused research, encompassing the UVA School of Architecture, Department of Environmental Sciences, and the Law School…

The Arctic is a dynamic, heterogeneous, and contested territory. Catalyzed by climate change and increasing pressure from globalization and natural resource demands, the region is entering into a new and unprecedented era in which greater environmental, political, economic and social fluxes are both challenging and redefining its future. At this critical juncture, we foreground design as a unique and much needed agent to explore the fate of the north, and seek possible modes and paradigms that will guide its transition… more info >> “.


School of Architecture
Campbell Hall
110 Bayly Drive
Charlottesville VA 22903 – USA –

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