Use condoms if you have multiple sex partners…!

Alarming outbreak of syphilis has been reported by several Nunavut (North of Canada, Arctic) newspapers on 5th of June 2014. Nunatsiaq online underlines that: “… Health Minister Monica Ell told Nunavut Territory’s legislative assembly on June 4, 2014: “Nunavut is experiencing an outbreak and continued rise in the spread of syphilis.” with 110 cases diagnosed…”.

Syphilis is a world contagious infection that is transmitted primarily by sexual activity (oral, genital or anal) with an infected person. Early signs of syphilis are often a small ulcer or sore on your genitals or elsewhere on your body. But, many people show no symptoms! The most common location for a sore to develop for heterosexual men is the penis, anally and rectally in men who have sex with men and with women is on the cervix.  

This infection must be treated fast before getting really worse with fever, gummas, muscle aches…and even neurological or cardiac symptoms. It may be diagnose by blood test or/& by visual inspection. If treated in time, the infection may be cured with antibiotics (view here below 2 videos with experts analysis and recommendations).



“If people participate in excessive drinking and drug use, it can cloud judgment and reduce inhibitions, which can lead to engaging in unprotected sex,” Nunavut Health Minister Monica Ell said: “…The more sexual partners a person has, the greater the risk they may be exposed to a sexually transmitted infection…”.

Nunavut Health Minister Monica Ell said “…her department provides ongoing education and training to its front line health workers, while making condoms available free at charge through the territory’s health centres…”. 



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