Soon, a high-speed train from China to the North American Arctic…

The media are now reffering again to this huge project of considering building a high-speed train that would connect China (Pekin) with Canada (Vancouver)  via the Arctic regions of  Siberia and Alaska. This “China-Russia-Canada-America line” would run for +– 8.000 miles (+- 13.000km) and pass under the icy Bering Strait through +- 125 miles (+- 200km) underwater tunnel (+- four times the length of the tunnel between France and England).  The entire trip would take +- two days, with the train travelling at an average of 220mph (350km/h). 

What are you thoughts about this project: is it feasible, is it simply human kind utopia or would it be great for your grand children to be able to reach the Arctic by train…? What about its environment impact on Arctic wildlife, what about mass tourism, illegal migration, drug trafficking…. Due to current high engineering technology, I recon this project could exist around 2037…Wait & see!  


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