Exhibition, Inside the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica Station!

Till end of May 2013 will be held in Brussels Belgium the educational exhibition “Inside The Station” which will give you some insight about Belgian polar Antarctica research station “Princess Elisabeth”.


Address of the exhibition “Inside The Station”:  Tour et Taxis, avenue du Port, 86c à 1000 Bruxelles, Belgique.

” ... As an Antarctic legacy project of the 2007-2009 International Polar Year, Princess Elisabeth Antarctica research station was designed and built to respect the letter and spirit of the Madrid Protocol to the Antarctic Treaty. But the project went a step further: Princess Elisabeth is the world’s first Zero Emission polar research station.  

Located in East Antarctica’s Sør Rondane Mountains, Princess Elisabeth Antarctica welcomes scientists from around the world to conduct research in this little-studied and pristine environment.  Operated by the International Polar Foundation, in partnership with the Belgian Polar Secretariat, the station is an evolving technical prototype and a strong expression of Belgian ingenuity and innovation.Princess Elisabeth Antarctica’s design and construction seamlessly integrates passive building technologies, renewable wind and solar energy, water treatment facilities, continuously monitored power demand and a smart grid for maximising energy efficiency.  

Princess Elisabeth Antarctic was launched at Brussels venue Tour & Taxis in 2007, drawing 35,000 visitors in just four days, before it was shipped to Antarctica for deployment. The success of Princess Elisabeth Antarctica marks an important development in the philosophy of sustainable development, demonstrating how the climate challenge can be met through goodwill and collaboration between civil society, business and governments. The project proves how readily accessible technology can be harnessed to achieve a low carbon society, without compromising our collective or individual wellbeing.  

The energy solutions perfected at Princess Elisabeth Antarctica are already being successfully commercialised by the project’s technical partners for use in mainstream applications… “. 

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