French explorer Gilles Elkaim is for an incredible Arctic expedition during 2015-17!

You certainly can’t miss this amazing Arctic project with code name Arktika 2.0  starting during the summer 2015 till 2017!

French polar explorer Gilles Elkaim (55), 7 sled dogs (Khorei, Smou, Kotch, Batou, Tchire, Kisiliak et Pouchkine) and Alexia Nezondet, a young women of 20 years old will be drifting the Arctic Ocean in autonomy for two years (2015-2017) aboard the yacht Arktika and then reach the North Pole by dogsled.

They will settle down on the Arctic ice, drifting with it at the discretion of the transpolar current, living in symbiosis with all the icy elements in order for us to understand better the need to protect the Arctic environment. 


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In fact, Gilles et his team  will relive 122 years after Norwegian Fridtjof Nansen  famous expedition aboard the vessel Fram

I invite you all to send them during these 2 years of expedition lots of encouragements, to visit on regular basis their website

Enjoy well and safe adventure to you 9, Gilles!



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