Don’t you think the Arctic is so beautiful! Watch here 2 videos before attending the “Arctic Voices” exhibition!

Plan with your family or with your school a visit to a wonderful exhibition about the Arctic at the Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa, till May 3, 2015 in order to discover the beauties of the Far North, its amazing wildlife and the history of its inhabitants!

Watch here under 2 short clips to have a first taste & understand why the Arctic is so breathtaking! 

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arctic voices - arctic exhibition - canada musuem


“… Challenge your perceptions about the Arctic in this all-new exhibition that takes you on a journey to a rapidly-changing land.

Arctic Voices shows our connections to the Arctic environment, people and wildlife.

The Arctic is more than just snow: it is land, water, and ice. It is home to people and wildlife. It is a place of rapid change. Find out what affects the Arctic and in turn, how the Arctic has an impact on the whole planet.

Enjoy many engaging interactive components:

– pounce, hop, push and crawl your way through learning about animal life in the Arctic
– come face to face with a polar bear
– travel with scientists as they catch and tag Arctic whales
– go on a garden tour to see how plants have adapted to survive and thrive in this harsh environment.

Discover a colourful land that’s actually closer to your own backyard than you may think… more info under “.

Musée canadien de la nature – Canadian museum of nature
240, rue McLeod
Ottawa (Ontario) Canada – click here to see its localisation =>


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