A great Christmas present for your friends, family and loved ones: the new Arctic 2015 calendar!

International Chinese Artist & Translator Sasha O (who did with passion the Chinese translation of Arctic05 and my interview for her project “Inspire Me With” – click here >>) is selling her own illustrated 2015 beautiful Arctic calendar cards (Limited edition of 100 sets – see below pictures) to draw your attention to the lovely world we are living in.

A calendar of 12 cards with illustrations of animals and life in the Arctic regions, from a puffin to a caribou, and an iceberg to an Inuit. This is a great Christmas present idea at 15 USD/set for your friends/family/loved ones. 

These tiny and cute calendar cards are easy to carry and can be fitted into a wallet. You can also use them to decorate your wall or desk, or for educational purpose. Arctic05 invites you to surf on Sasha O’ website to order your new beautiful 2015 Arctic Calendar – click here >>

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