Whouah! Be amazed by sensational & stunning monster breaking wave pictures signed by Clark Little! Click I love & share!

Lovers of breathtaking pictures will simply adore Clark’ Little work of Art! Who wouldn’t be impressed by unique, beautiful and colourful shorebreak imagesShorebreaks in North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii, US is for Clark Little his baby, a real exciting & fun passion he enjoys so so much! 

This talented American wave photographer is 6 hours a day at the heart of giant and powerful monster waves and boom…suddenly, he gets slapped in the face…smashed into the sand… while shooting the perfect wave as they roll over him….! 

View here after one of his stunning pictures named “Blue Ice”… one of my favourites! 

Lesson learned: “…Passion brings always people to achieve incredible and extraordinary projects…”. Clark Little love for the Ocean is a perfect example…Congratulations, Clark… and without doubt, he deserves our  “I likes” and “Shares”!



Blue Ice, signed Clark Little


View here below a video explaining how suddenly he became a shorebreak photographer, his passion for the Ocean & for surfing, and please appreciate how “cool” the man is and how realist he is about the dangers to capture the perfect giant wave

Ehehhh Clark, any plans to come to the Arctic to offer us similar breathtaking and spectacular shots of breaking icebergs, icy waves with colourful Far North lights…?



Glympse of Paradise, signed Clark Little


For the new fans, I invite you to visit “Clark Little Gallery – Haleiwa” in Haleiwa Town Center, au 66-165 Kamehameha Hwy à North Shore, Haleiwa, Hawaii 96712,  USA (phone: 808-626-5319) or/& to discover his new book “Shorebreak” which features over 100 whouah images of the Ocean taken all over the world >>

Dear friends, it’s now your turn to surf under his website www.clarklittlephotography.com and admire his great talent!


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