Research and Knowledge Sharing Workshop in Iqaluit…

The Third Annual ReSDA workshop “Research and Knowledge Sharing” is being held in Iqaluit, Nunavut – Canada on October 8-10, 2013. The focus of this workshop will be on knowledge sharing and effective communication with northern communities.


“… As part of the research networks activities there is an annual workshop to discuss the current and proposed research with input and direction from comunity and government representaives across the North. This year the workshop will focus on the best mechanisms for knowledge sharing in the ReSDA network. We will discuss various mechanisms that are used in the northern context and develop a communication strategy for ReSDA, utilizing the best practices for social sciences research situations. This will also begin the development of a knowledge sharing toolbox resource for researchers and community groups to use to improve knowledge sharing practices. There will also be presentations on some of the current research projects of ReSDA. The format of the workshop will consist of short presentations, panel/ group discussions and breakout sessions…. further info >> “.

Address: The ReSDA workshop will be held at the Koojesse Room of the Frobisher Inn from the afternoon of Tuesday October 8th to noon on Thursday October 10th.  There will be a Research Café on the evening of Tuesday October 8th at the Nunavut Research Institute. 

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